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Precision Digital Kitchen Food Weight Scale with Removable Bowl - 2K-Bowl-WT - 2000g x 0.1G - (White) - AMERICAN WEIGH SCALES

Versatile Weighing Units: Explore culinary precision with multiple weighing units with digital scale with bowl- grams, ounces, troy ounces, and pennyweights. The American Weigh Scales food scale with bowl ensures accuracy no matter your preferred unit of measurement.
Removable 2-Liter Capacity Bowl: Convenience meets functionality with the detachable bowl, offering a generous 2-liter capacity for weighing ingredients. Easily measure and pour digital scale with bowl, streamlining your cooking process.
Backlit Display and Intuitive Operation: Experience ease in every measurement with the backlit display ensuring visibility in any lighting. The simple 2-key operation simplifies the weighing process digital kitchen scale with removable bowl, making it accessible for both novice and experienced chefs.
Bowl or Surface Weighing Options: Embrace flexibility in your culinary adventures with food scale for kitchen. Utilize the removable bowl for measuring liquids, powders, or small items, or remove it to weigh items directly on the surface for added versatility.
Precision in Every Detail: The American Weigh Scales Precision Digital Kitchen Scale offers accuracy down to 0.1 grams, scales with bowl providing the precision you need for delicate recipes, dietary portions, or professional culinary endeavors.