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Non-Stick Stuffed Meatball Maker Molds

Easily make delicious stuffed meatballs for any meal.

How to use: Place minced meat inside mold. Press mold to extrude extra minced meat. Insert stuffing of your choice. Fill with minced meat to seal. Then cook at your preferred method.

Includes 2 molds- one small and one large.

Product size: small mold: 2.9” x 1.9”, large mold: 3.9” x 2.5”

Stuffed meatball size: 1.5” (small) and 2.3” (large)

The meatball machine is divided into two layers, which can be made according to the thickness of the sandwich meatballs that need to be made, and the texture is uniform.

Multi-purpose mold- can be used for making stuffed cake, pasta, etc.